What is Nafstars ?

Nafstars is a card collecting game, that brings together all your favorite
artists and talent.

Complete your bronze, silver and gold catalogs (non NFT) and merge them to acquire the DIAMOND card (NFT).

This card will be placed in the Blockchain, and this DIAMOND CARD NFT will be very advantageous within the NAFSTARS MANAGER game.

While collecting to acquire the DIAMOND CARD, your loyalty will be rewarded with exclusive gifts and perks, according to your score.

I want to create my account, what do I need ?

1. Your email address
Since your email address will be used to log in to your account, you cannot share it with anyone else.

2. A password that you will choose and keep confidential.

3. Your phone number
It is needed to validate your registration, which will lead to you receiving your first free card.

Good to know:
It won’t take more than 5 minutes to create your account.

To go further:
Don’t worry: all the information you share with us is kept confidential.

I can't remember if I have an account. How do I know if I have already created one?

To see if you have already created an account, try registering again.

On the first page, enter your email address and click on the “Continue” button.
If this email address is already in our database, a message will inform you that we have recognized it. You will then be prompted to retrieve your password to log into your account.
If you usually use more than one email address, you can return to the previous screen and try each of your email addresses. If you do not see the message, there are no accounts linked to the addresses you tested.

Who to contact in case of technical problems?

If you encounter a technical problem, please contact our support team. You can contact them through this e-mail address: contact@nafstars.com.

My personal information has changed. How can I update it ?

You can change your personal information directly from your NAFSTARS account settings (Username, Phone number, Password).

How to get cards ?
  • Directly from the nafstars.com platform
    By choosing the catalog corresponding to the artist you want, or by choosing from the NAFSTARS catalog, if you want to get a multi-artist pack.

  • From the artists merchandising stores

  • By sponsoring friends: Invite your friends to discover Nafstars and be rewarded for each confirmed registration! (1 free card for the sponsor, 1 pack of 3 cards for the sponsored friend)

  • By participating in events: Some artists offer the possibility to get some of their cards during events such as concerts or through the purchase of
    physical CDs.

How to collect cards ?

The use of our platform is simplified and very intuitive. Here’s how it works:
You will have 3 catalogs on the platform, 1 BRONZE, 1 SILVER and 1 GOLD and this for each artist.
The goal is to complete the 3 catalogs which contain 8 cards each (24 cards in total). Once the 3 catalogs are completed, you will get the 3 super cards (one for each BRONZE, SLIVER and GOLD catalogs).
You will have to merge your 3 super to obtain a DIAMOND CARD!

The DIAMOND CARD is the most important card in the game, as it allows you to benefit from exclusive advantages of your favorite artist and will be created in the blockchain to guarantee its ownership.

Welcome to the world of NFT!

How to make my cards evolve thanks to the fusion?

You will have to merge :
– 3 similar full energy bronze cards to get a silver card.
– 3 similar full energy silver cards to get a gold card.

How is the ranking defined?

The ranking gives you:

  • BRONZE card = 300 points / full energy gauge = 60 points
  • SILVER card = 900 points / full energy gauge = 300 points
  •  GOLD card = 2.400 points / full energy gauge = 1600 points
  • SUPER BRONZE card = 5.000 points
  • SUPER SILVER card = 15.000 points
  • SUPER GOLD card = 50.000 points
How to complete my collection?

The marketplace allows you to trade or sell your cards. You also have the possibility to get the cards missing from your collection from other users.

How to get gifts ?

Gifts available according to your score:
Find gifts according to your level of points on our rewards page, you just have to connect to your NAFSTARS account and ask to receive the gift that corresponds to your score.

How to obtain NAFS ?

NAF is not a tokenized crypto currency but a virtual currency that can only be used in NAFSTARS FANS. For more information on the $NSTARS crypto currency and its use in the NFT NAFSTARS MANAGER game, join our  Nafstars Discord and visit our website  Nafstars Manager.

To obtain NAFS you will need:

– To sell cards on the card market

Click on My Collection at the top right of the page → Choose an artist → Choose a card to sell → Click on Sell → Set a price

– Buy NAFS

Click on Shop at the top right of the page → Click on Buy NAFS → Choose the amount


Click on the NAF icon at the top of the page, this icon will direct you to Buy NAFS

What is an NFT ?

The term NFT stands for Non Fungible Token.
We can define an NFT as being a unique and personal digital object that is non-fungible, i.e. it cannot be replaced or reproduced.

Let’s take the example of art:

It’s just like having a certificate of authenticity proving that the painting above your fireplace is not only an original, but that you actually own it. In the case of
an NFT, everything is dematerialized, but also secured thanks to the blockchain.

What is the Blockchain ?

In short, the blockchain is a database where exchanges and transactions can be stored, verified, and validated by all users of the blockchain.

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