I complete my artist catalog by acquiring NAFSTARS cards (non NFT)

1. I buy new packs, or cards on the secondary market. All cards are limited, with the number available visible on each artist.

2. I get super cards: once your catalog page is completed, the “super card” is obtained by merging all the others, see below the corresponding
score levels:

I accumulate points:

      • A BRONZE card is worth 300 points / a full energy gauge is worth 60
      • A SILVER card is worth 900 points / a full energy gauge is worth is worth
        300 points
      • A GOLD card is worth 2.400 points / a full energy gauge is worth
        1.600 points
      • A BRONZE super card is worth 5.000 points
      • A SILVER super card is worth 15.000 points
      • A gold super card is worth 50.000 points

I sponsor a friend:

      • 100 points per affiliate between 1 and 10 affiliates
      • 200 points per affiliate between 10 and 100 affiliates
      • 500 points per affiliate between 100 and 200 affiliates

  I create my NFT DIAMOND card which will have unique properties and great value in the NAFSTARS MANAGER game

      • I merge my 3 BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD super cards to obtain my DIAMOND card, that will have its use cases and value revealed in the NFT game NAFSTARS MANAGER!
      • Please note: Because (non-NFT) cards are limited, your chances of obtaining the NFT DIAMOND CARD will diminish as NAFSTARS cards are sold via packs and the secondary market.

   As I collect to obtain my DIAMOND card, I earn points allowing access to exclusive NAFSTARS community gifts!

Gifts available according to your score:
Find gifts according to your level of points on our rewards page, you just have to connect to your NAFSTARS account and ask to receive the gift that corresponds to your score.

What is Naf?

NAF is not a tokenized crypto currency but a virtual currency that can only be used in NAFSTARS FANS. For more information on the $NSTARS crypto currency and its use in the NFT NAFSTARS MANAGER game, join our  Nafstars Discord and visit our website  Nafstars Manager.